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Financial security for generations.

We construct financial plans to withstand life's challenges.

As independent financial advisers, we have the flexibility to choose from the whole of the market rather than being restricted to financial products or services tied to a particular institution. This gives our clients access to the best-in-class financial solutions and confidence that our recommendations are in their best interests.


Personalised Financial Guidance.

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Efficient Tax Planning

With proper guidance, we find opportunities for tax savings and help you avoid paying more tax than you need to.

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Lower Costs

We look for opportunities to reduce your external fees to improve investment returns.

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Personalised Plans

Life circumstances will change. When they do, we will adapt your financial plans accordingly.

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Keeping You Informed

We are always up-to-date with the latest rules, laws and regulations.

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Estate Planning

We know the importance of estate planning. We can help you avoid complications in the distribution of your legacy.

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Simplifying Financial Jargon

Financial terminology can be confusing. We talk in plain English and avoid technical jargon.


Who we work with.

Our financial guidance is tailored for people who are:

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We help those who are approaching retirement to maximise your savings and make better decisions about your financial future.


We support you by creating an income plan to sustain your lifestyle throughout retirement.


We specialise in helping 'time-poor' professionals set up a strong financial foundation, allowing you to spend valuable time with your friends and family.


Your path to a brighter future.

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Our financial planning service starts with identifying where you want to get to in your life and how your money fits with your aspirations. We then provide:

Personalised Financial Plans

Investment Guidance

We provide advice and recommendations that align with your unique financial goals, investment objectives and circumstances.

We provide expert investment advice to ensure you are taking a level of risk that is appropriate for your circumstances.

Retirement Income Planning

We help structure your retirement income to sustain your lifestyle throughout retirement.

Peace of Mind

We will provide you with peace of mind, knowing that you have a solid financial plan and someone to turn to for financial advice.


About Nick:

Nick Hawkins is a highly experienced and well-qualified independent financial adviser with a strong background in investment management. Drawing on his extensive experience gained in the City, Nick established NH Wealth Ltd in 2023. His goal is to offer a superior level of service to his clients and help them build a secure financial future.

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